wants provide best chocolate to entire world



TAVORO provide highest organic dark chocolate bars for local and global market. Bringing Andean Flavors and recovering medicinal benefits and healthy nutritional food included in our chocolate bars.

We respect and promote ehtical and social principles with an important contribution to our customer's health and well begin. Participating and developing local cacao farmers communities and associations involved in our chain supply production as an integral strategic partner in the entire TAVORO chocolate cycle.



For 2021 TAVORO will be inside top 20 best and important chocolate companies with high quality and trusted providers in Ecuador. Positioning our brand at International levels, granting customers recognize magical identities of our culture and ancestral secrets, trough most rich organic dark chocolate bars with fine aromatic cacao.


Our Values

Our People

We recognize human talent and commitment of our collaborators and business partners.

Promoting ethical behaviors, equal opportunities, respect for others, ideologies, diversity and developing long term commercial relationships.

Our Commitment

In TAVORO Group we practice and contribute for create social value, including our environment and total customer commitment.

In addition we support and empower local people and communities.

Promoting "Fair Trate" business.


Service Quality oriented philosophy and prioritize customer satisfaction.

We are always learning and continuously improving to be a better company, covering high market demands and consumer flavor tastes.

We are committed to produce organic gourmet chocolatea with added value who are globally recognized.


Fundamental pillar of our company, based in credibility. TAVORO Chocolate wants provide consumer with truthful information about our products.

Total adherence for Ethical Commerce, Foreign Corrupt Practices, Business Conduct, Laws, Financial Integrity.


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