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Av. Gaspar de Villarroel y Paris, Quito, Ecuador

& +593 969000006 &+1 (713) 261-1361

Cocoa Farms
Cocoa Plants
Ecuadorian Plants


One of the politics of ANDEANFLAVORS is working directly with small farmers, that besides offering excellent raw materials cropped with great dedication have a fair compensation that reflect the support policy to the productive agricultural sectors, sustainable and community based, reducing and eliminating the impact on various problems, mainly child labor and deforestation instead economic benefits.

To produce our single origin bars, we use the finest aromatic organic Cacao from Ecuador, provided by associate producers under the fair trade scheme and with organic certification. We seek continuously associative groups throughout Ecuador for new developments.

Likewise, through incorporating aromatic plants in several of our TAVORO bars, we fusion Andean tastes. The same which have been extracted by the working hands of a group of entrepreneurial indigenous rural women of the Chimborazo zone.

Since ancient times the rural woman has had a very important role in the agricultural sector, their relationship with nature and natural sensibility allow them to maintain their ancestral knowledge and pass them on to the next generation. This is why the women’s association produces, transforms and commercializes organic medicinal plants, aromatic plants and spices, grouping together more than 600 rural and indigenous families.



+593 9690-00006
+1 (713) 261-1361

TAVORO is a fine Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate "MADE IN ECUADOR"


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