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Av. Gaspar de Villarroel y Paris, Quito, Ecuador

& +593 969000006 &+1 (713) 261-1361


The TAVORO chocolate bar holds all the values attributed to cacao that was used by the pre-Hispanic cultures as a form of money, our GOLDEN Tablet holds high VALUES because of its different formulas of great benefit for your health.



Organic Cocoa has more nutirnts than other conventional ones, due to the fewer number of processes.

Our organic chocolate is produced with a system whose objective is sustainability and environmental protection, wich besides searching for the optimization of economic, social and natural resources it searches to maximize the social benefits of the people who make it.

This type of chocolate comes from a natural crop therefore it has great benefits to achieve a healthy and natural diet.

Organic chocolate doesn’t contain gluten, trans fats or cholesterol.

The search for the organic ingredients that make up each of the TAVORO bars has been a carefully realized process, not only in the search for high quality standards but also working with small farmers that have the same philosophy for environmental care and love for their land.

To keep the optimal quality for TAVORO organic chocolate, we have carefully selected its packaging, in such a way that it arrives to the consumer with the confidence that its contents are preserved and all its benefits and characteristics intact.

Benefits of Eat Chocolate

Why TAVORO is 100% Organic and Natural

As it does not contain artificial additions, flavorings, artificial flavors, or essences that are not the Natural Flavors of Cocoa, Aromatic Plants and Fruits that each formulation contains.

This is a big difference from TAVORO with the competition.



+593 9690-00006
+1 (713) 261-1361

TAVORO is a fine Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate "MADE IN ECUADOR"


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